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HP G7-2251DX AMD A8-4500M screen

Linux Mint will be where you do your research and communication specifically!

I’m not necessarily a big fan of HP but I do happen to have inside information direct from my AMD Tech rep that is worthy of consideration.

This particular Notebook has at it’s heart AMD’s new “Fusion” class core which uses a very special CPU (brain x4) and GPU (visuals) together within what most think of as the CPU, now aplee called an “APU”. The core has a minimum implementation standard that adheres to certain military toughness standards making this Notebook tougher and faster than  all in this same class! I so like things that Last!

HP G7-2251DX AMD A8-4500M side

> A8-4500m APU (Quad Core + GPU)
> APU operates at 1.9GHz Turbo to 2.8 GHz!
> GPU is a AMD Radeon 7640 (Good!)
> 8GB DDR3 1600 Dual Channel Memory!
> 256GB SSD (Really Fast & Tough)
> 640GB Hard Drive becomes BU drive
> 17.3” LED Display (1600 x 900 resolution!)
> Windows 8 64bit (done right!)
> Mint Linux in Dual Boot Config!
> 2.3 years Full Replacement Warranty
Small USB BU chassis for 640GB HD

Hardware Total = $849
Epson Printer/Scanner = $240

> 6.5 lbs. (not bad for a 17.3 Notebook)
> Has wireless but you can shut it off
> Has ethernet if you want to plug in
> Has DVD Burner / Player!
> Elegant GUI for elegant people!
> Everything you could need - Done!
> Notebook is presented to you at my cost!
> Prep & optimization takes 15 hrs.
> I normally charge $300 flat fee
> Includes delivery
> Includes Training!

Hey William,

I found a lovely 17.3” AMD “Fusion” based Notebook that I think will work wonderfully for you and that is priced nicely at $540 (just for Notebook) and includes a very powerful Quad Core processor (really good!) & video controller (good), 4GB DDR3 memory (good), 640GB hard drive (becomes BU drive, replaced by 256GB SSD) and a nice 2.3 year warranty (good).

I have delivered two of these now and I can tell you that they are a joy to work on once I’ve done my magic to them, clients agree with me! Yours will be extra special because I intend to make it a Dual Boot system where Win8 is available for QuickBooks and whatever else you need. Linux will be for personal use!

Yep, that is my actual Win7 & Win8 Desktop!