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Asus F2A85-M Pro motherboard production

Asus F2A85-M Pro Motherboard

AMD A8-6600k “Fusion” APU

DDR3 1600 Dual Channel Memory (8GB)

The Components of a System make all the Difference”

AMD A8-6600K APU

AMD’s latest “Fusion” class APU codenamed “Richland” and in this case the A8-6600K is not the highest end in the Fusion line but is the best Power to Cost ratio APU in the lineup...

If you require a keyboard, mouse and/or display, these components are particularly good and of reasonable cost!
$35 for keyboard & mouse.

The Windows 8 OS is tough call right now for lots of Business owners in part due to the general design of Windows 8 which most feel to be fast & secure but dismal to use. I have fixed this to a great degree, my user's experience overall is good from a security & speed standpoint since I have managed to make it home

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mITX & mATX side by side 400x373

Allied DM mATX chassis is small and very tough. It features excellent ventilation and a very tough 275watt PSU that typically lasts 5 or more years of constant use. Most important it adheres to standards that result ability for smooth hardware upgrades when the time comes whereas MiniITX has no standards, thus no way to insure a smooth, low cost migration.

Corsair Neutron SSD 128GB 227x300

Corsair Neutron SSD

Additional Parts for the System:

Total System Cost including Shipping = $820 (My Cost on Parts, prices change constantly)
Complete System Build / OS Configs + Onsite Delivery & Training = $300 (flat fee for Me)

Total Cost = $1120 / Deposit should be $820 (includes shipping)

Gigabyte wired USB keyboard 489x250
Gigabyte USB Mouse

look and feel mostly like Windows 7 why still maintaining what is good with Win8. So it is almost a non-issue!. The problem is, MS is only allowing 6 total years of support life to every OS, Win7 and above. This means Win8 has 6 years of useful life as opposed to Win7 with a little over 2 years of remain supported life. In spite of Win8 short comings which I have mostly taken care of, Win8 is the OS of choice for professionals wanting long term OS and system support...

ASUS VE248H Black 24 inch 400x363

The Asus 24” is one of the nicest 3 year warranty displays in production today. Besides being nice looking, it is very tough and produces one of the finest Windows Desktop experiences. $190

I am recommending the 24” as it is a kind of sweet spot in terms of resolution and physical size. Basically a 22” with the same resolution of 1920 x 1080 will produce very difficult to see text while this 24” at the same resolution gives us much better readability!

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My goal here was to get you a system thats extremely tough, very fast, great longevity to 10 years with warranties on specific components to 3 & 5 years from purchase, direct to the makers. Competing systems from Dell, HP, Gateway are loaded with compromise such as engineered down throttling where the system does NOT produce the same performance as a system such as the one above that I would craft for you. You can not optimize or fine tune the hardware on big maker systems. These typically come with a one year warranty and no support which you would have to pay for if you needed it. The MTBF rating on Gateway, Dell & HP systems is often only a year and while most people are pretty easy on their systems, these are destined to fail anytime between 1 & 3 years. In contrast, the Asus F2A85 listed above has a MTBF rating of 10 years and is warranted for 3 years which is its expected production stocking plan... My Win8 installs are lovely, secure, super fast and very tough. This system spec even comes with an integrated Backup drive and BU system that runs automatically daily!!

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