Beach & Sea 2104x1600

Asus F2A85-M Pro Motherboard

AMD A10-6800k “Fusion” APU

DDR3 2133 Dual Channel Memory (8GB)

The Components of a System make all the Difference”

AMD A8-6600K APU

AMD’s latest “Fusion” class APU codenamed “Richland” and in this case the A10-6800K is not the highest end in the Fusion line but is the best Power to Cost ratio APU in the lineup... home

Gigabyte wired USB keyboard 489x250
Gigabyte USB Mouse
Apex DM-387 mATX Corporate Chassis

Allied DM mATX chassis is small and very tough. It features excellent ventilation and a very tough 275watt PSU that typically lasts 5 or more years of constant use. Most important it adheres to standards that result ability for smooth hardware upgrades when the time comes whereas MiniITX as example, has no standards, thus no way to insure a smooth, low cost migration.

Windows 7 Logo 150x145

The Windows 8 OS is tough call right now for lots of Business owners in part due to the general design of Windows 8 which most feel to be fast & secure but dismal to use. though I have fixed this to a great degree and my user's experience overall is good from a security & speed standpoint. Privacy issues aside. Still, I have to encourage my clients for now to go with Windows 7-64 Pro for lots of great reasons and little downside...

Windows 7 is, without doubt the best thing ever to come out of Microsoft, followed closely by Office 2010. Both are nearly strokes of genius and near perfection. Sadly, Microsoft under pressure from its investors through Fund Managers is constantly under pressure to perform, to come out with new innovasions, to sell Windows Phone 8. The result is Windows 8, considered by many of my peers as an even greater flop than Vista was with sales proving that point and then some... Windows 8.1 is now out and is even worse in some ways...
Windows 7-64 Pro OEM 3 license = $420

With regard to matching pair of input device, these Gigabyte Keyboard & mouse are particularly good and of reasonable cost!
$93 for 3 sets - keyboard & mouse.

Asus F2A85-M Pro motherboard production 418x311
Win7-64 Pro Rocky Coastal Sunset Desktop 500x388

The Acer 24” is one of the nicest 3 year warranty displays in production today. Besides being nice looking, it is very tough and produces a very fine Windows Desktop experiences. $390 (for 3 matching displays on Sale right Now!)

I am recommending the 24” as it is a kind of sweet spot in terms of resolution and physical size. Basically a 22” with the same resolution of 1920 x 1080 will produce very difficult to see text while this 24” at the same resolution gives us much better readability! This is an Option not a part of the quote - Extra!

Total Parts Cost = $2,642(My Cost on Parts, prices may change any moment due to sale)

3 Complete System Builds + Onsite Delivery & Training = $900 (Program Reinstall Not incl.)

Total Cost = $3,542 / Deposit should be $2,642 (includes shipping)


My goal here was to get you systems that are extremely tough, very fast, with great longevity to 10 years with warranties on specific components to 3 & 5 years from purchase, direct to the makers. Competing systems from Dell, HP, Gateway are loaded with compromise such as engineered down throttling where the system does NOT produce the same performance as a system such as the ones above that I would craft for you. You can not optimize or fine tune the hardware on big maker systems. These typically come with a one year warranty and no support which you would have to pay for if you needed it. The MTBF rating on Gateway, Dell & HP systems is often only a year and while most people are pretty easy on their systems, these are destined to fail anytime between 1 & 3 years. In contrast, the Asus F2A85 listed above has a MTBF rating of 10 years and is warranted for 3 years which is its expected production stocking plan... My Win7-8 installs are lovely, secure, super fast and very tough. This system spec even comes with an integrated Backup drive and BU system that runs automatically daily!! Time investment in 3 system builds, 1 being the acting fileserver & workstation and 2 - workstations is approx 27 hrs.


AMD Solution Provider Member 100x68
AMD Business Class_Logo
Corsair Neutron GTX SSD 120GB 300x263

Corsair Neutron & OCZ Vertex SSDs

Additional Parts for the System: