2013 Mac Mini ports 400
Acer S235HLbii Black 23 inch w-Desktop 500
Apple MacMini 2.5GHz Basic Spec list

2013 Mac Mini Specs

Acer S235HLbii Black 23” Display

This is a really nice LED based flat panel display that is currently on sale for about $160.

Acer & Asus are the only two display makers that feature a 3 year, full replacement warranty in the mid level consumer display class.

This particular model is particularly nice, thin, low cost, low energy consumption, very small static & electro-magnetic field and has much easier plug in access!

I am recommending this lovely display with your proposed shiny new MacMini, the two should look really nice and perform very satisfactorily for you!


w/academic discount

ASUS K55N-BA8094C 15.6 inch x4 laptop

As an alternative and for the sake of argument, this lovely ASUS K55N 15.6” Notebook is currently available for about $562 with a 3 yr. warranty and 3 years of Accidental Damage Coverage.

It is equipped with AMD’s new “Fusion” class core which has a very powerful Quad Core (4 CPUs) APU with a very powerful video controller built in with the processing core. The motherboard within is built to a very high standard that includes solid core capacitors and circuitry designed to last under more extreme conditions.

ASUS is the Global top Tier 1 vendor and does OEM work for most all the top tech corporations in the world.

I have delivered 3 of these so far with excellent results and three happy clients with their new mobile tech.

I provide the finest OS configuration on the planet and include everything you could need, Security, Applications, Remote Support etc!