Core 2 MacBook Pro open 672x644

2009 Apple MacBook Pro 5.1 (System S/N = W8840BLH1G0)

Core 2 MacBook Pro Mac OS 10.68 Desktop 400x250

The same lovely Mac UI with a few enhancement such as a slightly darker look on the dock helping icons to stand out slightly better...

Core 2 MacBook Pro Mac OS 10.68 Firefox 400x250

Massively improved Firefox 26 is better, faster and slightly safer than Safari. Not to worry though, Safari is still on the system and fully up to date!...

Now equipped Ixquick’s for completely  Private searching and includes powerful site based Tracking reductions via Ghostery!

Core 2 MacBook Pro Mac OS 10.68 Libre 400x250

Don’t worry about not having MS Office on this system, LibreOffice is easier to use and just as complete, including Word 97, 2000, 2002 & 2003 compatibility not to mention Spreadsheet with Excel compatibility and Presentation with PowerPoint compatibility. There is also a Database app and a page layout & publishing app simply called Draw that is great for laying out Business cards, Brochures and even basic Web pages...

Core 2 MacBook Pro Soft Shell 300x259

Even comes with a nice magenta Soft Shell to keep in nice look for a long time to come.

Note that a Soft Shell like this is not a replacement for a good, well padded laptop bag or backpack so be sure to get yourself on of those before road tripping with this MacBook Pro!